High Mountain Hiking

Hiking Taiwan’s high mountains is a world-class hiking experience.  Taiwan has the second highest mountain range in eastern Asia.  Many of its tall peaks are easily accessible on a weekend trip from Taipei and they offer some breath-taking views and challenging climbs.

We sometimes offer these hikes as pre-arranged group hikes where you can sign individually to join a group.  For more information, check out and join our Meetup or facebook group.  For more information on customized trips to these locations, contact us directly.

Jade Mountain

Yushan’s (Jade Mountain) Southern Peaks, seen from Jade Mountain Main Peak and lit by a beautiful sunrise. Watch sunrise atop the highest mountain in Taiwan and all of north-east Asia.  This popular hike is a once in a lifetime experience!

Snow Mountain

A beautiful hike through a variety of ecosystems brings you to Taiwan’s second highest (but not second most beautiful) mountain!

The Wuling Sixiu

A challenging hike to the top of 4 mountains in the Sheipa National Park.  A very scenic and tough hike.

The Holy Ridge

Spend three to four days above 3,000m on this difficult, multi-day hike.  Experience unbelievable views for the effort!

Jiaming Lake

Jiaming Lake a large glacial lake created at the end of the last ice-age.  The hike takes you to 2 of Taiwan’s top 100 mountains as well as the lake itself.


One of the more iconic mountains in Taiwan, Dabajianshan is a wonderful 3 day hike deep into the Sheipa National Park

Nenggao Historic Trail

The Nenggao Historic Trail is a fantastic hike to the spine of Taiwan’s central mountain range.