Difficulty1 to 4 (out of 5)       Duration – 2 days or more

The Hehuanshan mountain range is located in the center of Taiwan and because there is a road that leads right into the heart of this area, it is a great place for exploring Taiwan’s high mountains.

Many people have described this area as the ‘Switzerland of Taiwan’ because unlike the rest of the island, most of the mountains here are not covered in dense forest.  The lush green grassy hills seem to go on forever as you look in each direction, and on a clear day there are few places in Taiwan that can match the scenery around here.

The road rises to an impressive elevation of 3,275 meters above sea level, which means that several peaks over 3000 meters are only a short walk from the highway.


Trips in this area can be very flexible as there are a number of hikes to do in the area.  These range from a short 30 minute round trip to full day hikes.  Accommodation is arranged at the very comfortable ski lodge near Wuling or further down near Qingjing Farm.

We can also combine this trip with a visit to the Aowanda Forest Recreation Area – a wonderful bird watching spot, Qingjing Farm or a visit to the Lushan hot springs.


Trails around Hehuanshan vary widely in terms of difficulty.  We can arrange your itinerary to suit your ability.  Just let us know how much hiking you’d like to do!


Typically pick up and drop off is from Taipei, but other locations can be arranged, including Taoyuan International Airport.  We will travel by car or small van depending upon numbers.  All of our vehicles are insured and all drivers have local licences.


All meals are provided for.  If you have any special dietary requests, allergies or needs, let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.


All of our guides are wilderness first responder certified and carry first aid kits.  They have all spent a lot of time hiking in Taiwan and are very experienced in the high mountains.  All of our guides are native speakers of English, but also speak Mandarin and are very knowledgeable about the local mountains, flora/fauna, and culture.


Taiwan Adventures will provide you with $2 million NTD accident insurance.  However, you must have your own travel and medical insurance.  Our partners at World Nomads Insurance can provide you with travel insurance that covers you for high mountain hiking.

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